Demeters' Revenge

by Wee D

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This promotional mixtape has been inspired by the story of Demeter.

Demeter, Greek Goddess of Agriculture can teach many lessons, losing her daughter to the underworld and punishing herself and humans with fierce, bitter winds and icey winters until her daughter was returned.

It's a story of how our negative perceptions and bitter memories of the past influence our current environment.

The project aims to re-tell the story through modern day struggles, ones which are personal to me.

I hope you like it.

-Wee D


released August 28, 2016

Written by Wee D.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Becca Starr.

Vocals contributed by Becca Starr on '4 Months'.



all rights reserved


Wee D North Lanarkshire, UK

Wee D is a Lanarkshire based emcee primarily known as a freestyle and written battle rap veteran and one quarter of Glasgow Rap outfit 'Shadowpeople'. Please contact Craig Hain @ Crown Sound entertainment for all booking info.

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Track Name: Bedtime Stories
Ok settle down Kids, you want a story?
Fuck Yeah Ariana Watch your mouth, I’m sorry
Let’s see ummmm…let’s go Demeter
Whos’s that? Well let me settle down and teach ya
Once upon in ancient Greece was a god
Called Demeter with a daughter called Persephone she lost
You mean she lost a daughter? Like Kate McCann?
Yeah baby just like Kate, Listen to your dad
That one day Demeter sent her daughter out to fetch a
Couple flowers from the plains of Enna, and terror
Erupted out her soul when Hades came from hell to tell her
I want to make Persephone my wife now go and get her
And quicker than a second he had opened up the ground
Swallowed up wee poor Persephone and took her to the town
Of the dead and not a sound did Demeter hear around
When she went to fetch her daughter she was nowhere to be found
Dad is this a tragedy?
Well yeah….I mean no….not exactly
But Demeter got sad when she couldn’t find her daughter
Then her heart broke to pieces, tears flowing out like water
She was screaming to the wind, every day she spent in squalor
And she travelled round the land getting in and out of bother
Till exhausted she collapsed with her body out of order
But she never knew that zeus the most almighty god had saw her
And what did he say? He told Demeter
Hades took your daughter to the underworlds, eager
To escape in hell she teeters, Hades wants her as a leader
Now she’s gone and never coming back, best for you to leave her
But she couldn’t, and then she went in a huff
She was the god of agriculture, Farms and stuff
She was making flowers grow and could speak to the trees
She had to grow all the vegetables so people could eat
But when she heard Persephone was now imprisoned she cried
and sent snow, gale and ice from the heavenly skies
And promised torture on the humans till they couldn’t survive
Freezing all the vegetation till it withered and died
And that’s why we have winter? According to greeks
Bitter winds, Bitter hearts, cold as Hades deceit
But Zeus saw the greeks dying from starvation eased
His son Hercules to rescue wee Persephone Neat!
So….did he get her?....Well Kinda
He looked around….couldnt find her
And then he did, he battled and won
And Hades had to give Persephone right back to her mum
But cunning plans soon developed and she swallowed his seeds
Swallowed…Fuck, I mean literally she swallowed some seeds
And that would mean she stayed connected to his horrible deeds
For four months of the year she could not be released
And see, that time when Demeter is alone
Her heart freezes over, ice crusting over bones
And she punishes the earth for losing everything she owned
Till Persephone returns and the winter is no more
Cause when she’s with her daughter, the flowers had grew
Food comes for the people and skies return blue
Warm weather then accrues when she’s happy and soothed
Then she would gladly use her powers to make life better too
But! Every year, when she’s not up here
Demeter curses humans with a winter and it’s fierce
Cold as she can make it as a symbol of her fears
She would even hurt herself such the anger that she veers

The end, but there’s a lesson in this brown book
About what? I guess everything about you
Life is full of grief, hurt, pain and even doubts too
The way that you react touches everything around you
Your life’s nothing but mind state besides
So a negative mind equals negative life
Even when Demter knew her pain was only for time
She allowed herself to live inside a hell she designed
So lesson is, try to be bigger
Don’t fret the issues that you have, be slicker
And never punish yourself because you feel darker
Know that nothing matters in time and only time matters

So embrace it, Goodnight baby
Track Name: Out Ma Face
Don’t play me for man rooted back in the sand or should he stand
Back, suited and calm, look I’m a man bullied
Of crass beauty in black hoodies and stark duties
Smash glass pussies like Hank Moody with band groupies
You can’t move me, This movie that I perfected
Has got me addressing cuts like a scrupulous new director
I’m not to be shaken, better get better or I’ma end em
And tell em against their will that their out no referendum
I keep sending em all orders to call doctors,
Knock all rosters from office before I got on it
I’m not novice, I’m hot topic, A Ball dropper
Smash tall vodkas like Paul Walker does all corners
Mate I make your brain depart ye
Out yer head like half your fucking frame was made of paper mache
These rappers couldn’t fucking beat me in a gamer derby
Shoot like Jamie Vardy on a litre batch of straight Bacardi

A man hated for his villainous traits,
And militant ways, no patience mate I’m cutting the breaks
You try and catch up, take a couple of days
I’m saying back up and get the fuck out my face
(Get the fuck out my face) I’ve got nothing to say
They wanna man up, like they got what it takes
But never stand up, and I got nothing but hate
I’m telling Rappers back up and get the fuck out my face

And If I gotta die, fuck it make a promise son
My coffin and my stone will still depict me as an awful cunt
that resurrected from the dead, a zombie golem one
That threw a donkey punch at the Mormon mum of Donald Trump
You’re not a rapper or writer of any kind
I’m inclined to contort your spine in booth when I kick a rhyme
Lets put it all into line so fuckers aint left behind
You’re as bad at writing raps as me when I’m writing grime
Fuck, Just try and get me affy it cause
I’m half retarded with a heart plate that badly contorts
I woulda hung you from the ceiling in my flat but forgot
I kept the space above my bed for the Damocles sword ugh
So keep giving it the amateur stunts
Up On the camera, my calibers a class above cunts
Keep your burd upon the end of my tongue
That’s innuendo meant to say she’s hanging onto my words ah haa

A man hated for his villainous traits,
And militant ways, no patience mate I’m cutting the breaks
You try and catch up, take a couple of days
I’m saying back up and get the fuck out my face
(Get the fuck out my face) I’ve got nothing to say
They wanna man up, like they got what it takes
But never stand up, and I got nothing but hate
I’m telling Rappers back up and get the fuck out my face

Get the fuck out my face.
Track Name: The Devils
It’s 20 past midnight, I’m in flight, dressed in pinstripes
With life weighing on my insides
Only live to drink wine, snort lines, get fined
Swallow down my pride but always store it in my windpipe
I live for one but missing her is like a mission once
You hear the vindication, feel her rage and see your skin in burns
Speaking to my demons in a sequence of sadistic tongues
Bleeding liquid nitrogen, I’m freezing out the winter sun
I’m broke open, with no hope and
I'm growing so potent slow with every minute on this globe, choking
On my old poems, showing off, Like mate I’m no boring
Fucking drama queen you better bury me in slow motion
Literally, these rappers aint got a strip on me
I lyrically dissimulate symphonies and our synergies
Critically cripple spitters, disintegrating you skilfully
I married into evil, these fuckers call me Persephone

See you don’t know me, one little bit
So don’t be, A friend or foe, ignore me
And don’t be trying to tell me you fuckers help me
when all you do is resent me
so don’t be saying you know me, I don’t owe you, you owe me
Until the day I OD
I’ll be saying it’s plenty, I’m done with embdy, the devils are tryna tempt me

I’m crowd surfing, around virgins
With my mouth hurting from the shit I swallowed from this cow, pushing
Out any drama, they say I sound like I’m down hurting
Raps like I sound like your house burning, the loud version
The towns urchin, I’m still dying in
The ground, cut prying out my coffin but I’m tiring
My mindstate’s dialled with violence and I’m hiring
Calling me demeter, I’m cursing my own environment
Negativity is not specifically got a grip on me
Itching me, maybe it’s me that put it intae me
Validated my inner hate, grown in infamy
Cultivated by my bitterness until it’s killing me
A living curse, an incubus with 7 stitches up
The middle, cut and riddled, division of the most hideous
Insidious confliction, a minute within this prison has
Driven me to perdition, and robbing me of my innocence

See you don’t know me, one little bit
So don’t be, A friend or foe, ignore me
And don’t be trying to tell me you fuckers help me
when all you do is resent me
so don’t be saying you know me, I don’t owe you, you owe me
Until the day I OD
I’ll be saying it’s plenty, I’m done with embdy, the devils are tryna tempt me
Track Name: Bottle in the Ocean
They say the people that we hate become engraved in the heart
So lest assure I never hated you or cared from the start
I played my part in breaking backs, but stating facts, I remark
That even candle light is welcome when you’re placed in the dark
It’s hard cause some birds, not meant to be caged
Some feathers are too bright and others songs are too great
Some need the freedom more than any need to be tamed
And yet we’re keeping them imprisoned for our personal gains
Ugh, I wandered desolate lands, abandoned property
I cracked the frozen lakes of a Corycian odyssey
I tackled the Olympus, while the gods above were taunting me
Torching me, Looking for the final part that’s lost in me
I’m not religious cause It’s vivid that the systems glitches
In conflicted issues this moral fabric and stitching itches
And so I’m switching, getting hitched towards my own ambitions
Ridden spirits, gone with the deities, it’s a soul omission

I might bleed through my struggles but behind me
Is nothing but a memory, scars that’s don’t define me
Don’t remind me, I’m way beyond your sight see
I’m just another bottle in the ocean come and find me
Ugh, Just a bottle in the ocean
Asking you for help, cause the offers never open
If I’m really that bad, then just I’m reaping what I’m sewing
If I’m writing you my heart then I’m bottling emotion

But I’m alive, in the waters and I’m striving
Fighting through the furious waves of the Posiedon
I might die in my journey, so know that I’m in
Forgiving you for lying, the cheating, stealing, conniving
The silence, the violence, apathy that you instigate
Incubated premise of bitterness on your grimaced face
The vivid hate, sour grapes, fifty million ways
That you made it easy to live without my Persephone
And then I got her back and realised that it wasn’t you
And I’ve been turning summer to winters when I’ve been getting moods
Lighting up a torch in a wind and I rue, getting through
Hardships I created, So fuck it I need an interlude
Keep. Me. All in the dirt
Man I’m just looking a better me, and all that I was
Before I got myself in shit, Now I’m coughing it up
Man I’m just writing down the words before I bottle em up


I spoke to Dolos, Apate, Aphrodite and Rhia
Swore an oath to Helios, prayed for light from Atheia
I spoke to Chaos and Eros, Sought Hyperians hordes
I told Kronos god of time that I was needed some more
I called on Kratos for my strength, Thanatos to be spared
I followed elpis through her journey, any hope she could bare
I told Atropos not to cut the thread, I’m nearly at home
But never did I think of fighting down in Hades alone
But fuck it, I’m steady up, getting rushed through the crevices
Fighting Cerberus on the River Styx precipice
The precedence of presently venturing to the end of us
Enough to the send the strength of a centaur through my edifice
I pull away its like Adrenaline is venomous,
Grab the bident then I slip and push it through his neck a bit
Severing his capitis, anger producing readiness
And winter freezes over my heart again, I’m ending it

Track Name: 4 Months feat Becca Starr
This world will take your fucking heart out your chest, proceed to stamp on it
Take your innocence, possess a kid with heinous narratives
Corrupt your candid soul with cancerous content and capture it
And grow a trusting child to a man of cosmic arrogance
It’s lifes lessons, the nice person is twice guessing
Knifes slicing tights, tendons punctured on sight, set in
The night guess I might die, or grimace cause am
Weaving hearts upon my sleeve while your twisting my arm
I can’t do it, Stress man is airing me out
Cause job hunters being punished fore they’re warily drowned
And more people having debt than a savings account
I’m taking money out my fridge so I can pay for my house!
I didn’t ask for this life but I got handed it
Slandered it, got dismantled, remastered to be a part of it
Broken down with the challenges, abhorrent from the angst of it
Manic, having panic attacks and I can’t be arsed with it

I’ve been waiting my life for this moment, grow up
Forgive me lord, I’m broken but I’ve been sewn up
I need your hand through the tougher times, when the cold comes
It never lasts forever this winter is only 4 long months

Blast the trigger to my skull while many laugh and snigger
Passion ridden, dark and hidden, masked by any track I’ve written
Maybe I’d be acting bigger, If I had half the liquor
Tryna be a father figure, paying out the father figures
They say that I’m a wisher, dreamer with imagination
Living in the clouds with half my sanity like an evasive
Cryptic fucking maths equation, algebraic haven
Cause I carry exes through the maze until my heart is breaking
Fuck the empathy, the target is spotted
My life despotic, catatonic, I get nauseous and vomit
When I deposit any topics to this character talking
And now the only thing more empty than my heart is my pockets
I’m fucking warped by my own lyrical eagerness
My life is like a beach but I got cancer from the heat of it
I used to love life till I ended deep in it
My life is like a movie who’d you want to fucking see in it?


And ever since the plains of Enna scattered and were truly broke
And swallowed any memory of someone that I used to know
I’ve been in the studio, grieving her wake
But all I ever find of hers a piece of me that I hate
So fuck it, The truth is raw, pulling chords while my youth retorts
You’ve polluted all, I cool it off but you can’t fully thaw
So I’m using swords on a looted corpse, shooting off
Give me 7 seconds not 7 stages of Kubler-Ross
Who’da thought? I’d fall in the battle, mighty
Is he who confides in god but I’m punished when I’m beside ye
Tortured, I suffer tightly, my feelings are churned inside me
Emotions by Aphrodite, manipulated so finely
Ugh, Now I’ve nothing but a pen and raps
Room of written scraps from a soul that was festered black
I guess I lost a part of me when I was getting that
Calling me Demeter I’m going through hell to get it back

Track Name: The Confession
Dear father, It’s good to be back
It’s been exactly 5 years since confession was had
And I’ve been living life emptily, depression is mad
My faith has kinda took a beating and been left in the dark
I mean, Well not faith as such, I’m still there I think
Just my oath to Christianity is wearing thin
Last week I was speaking to someone about my prayers and shit
He told that I’m more of a universal utarian
Unitarian I mean, and it’s silencing
To read through bible defiantely, I’m no buying
That bullshit compliance with rules that don’t society
The irony of rising to sacrificing your life away
Nah, I don’t know where to begin
Why is hell is Jesus really went and died for our sins
And why do you oppose love between a man and a man
If you get quoted saying love of any kind is no harm?
Why tell me to be gentle and humble but then you cunningly
Connect me to the people who’re trying to bring the worst in me
It’s hurting me, and I’m telling you now
I don’t believe in hell, the devil, or the evils you shout
Man If you’re really the all powerful that’s hearing me out
You wouldn’t wait until my death you could just punish me now
Nah, I believe that everyone gets a second chance
Rehabilitation, not firey pits and severed hands
Man I don’t even know what the fuck is wrong with me
I’m talking to the ceiling while it’s pushing down on top of me
Waiting for an answer, a signal but in all honesty
I’m not expecting anything other than what you’ve got for me
And yet it bothers me, people are stuck in poverty
Cancer ridden children in wards or in the mortuary
Banking on the help of a holy ghost, and they probably
take final breath with dreams beyond this monotony
why won’t you talk to me? Walk me through this odyssey
tell me that there’s something at the end of this and moderate
my pain, my tribulations and trials instead you complicate
me faster by implanting a mind that just fucking operates
to challenge you and your existence, incorporated
with the flaws on common day, bitterness and thoughts of hate
Call my name, say we’re not forgotten mate
At least the greeks had the nerve to call this shit mythology
Track Name: Persephones' Return
You know what worries me? Sometimes you see the other me
The ugly me, the flawed and empty one of me, then suddenly
It’s hurting me and I conduct a moral surgery
To fluctuate the cuts and other scrapes that always congregate
On my skin, I know It’s selfish
I want you dissullioned always thinking that I’m perfect
And pensive, my sentiments sensitive while I’m reckless
And never spare a second for you to deter or sense it
So hell mend this, I’ve been through hell extensive
Defences to try and disfigure my apprehension
Attention I preserve for you’s never been on bench and
I couldn’t think of anyone really that’s more deserving
You’re beautiful, never doubt it, Shout it,
Tell everyone about it, run in peoples houses
Tell them every ounce of your soul is alive and boundless
And if they don’t believe you just tell me to come and vouch it

See, I’ve been configured to deal with this misery
Torture and rain, the winds cut through me instantly
Everything changes when she is not next to me
To my Demeter this girl is Persephone
I’ve been disfigured and triggered, won’t get at me
Captured a winter and lived in it bitterly
Everything changes when she is not next to me
To my Demeter this girl is Persephone

When you’re gone it feels like 4 months, Might I reject
The sun in favour of the night, cold tightens my neck
No sight of the end, When times slows, fight it I guess
Theres not a feeling quite as empty as her side of the bed
Yet, I know that life is crazy, and lately I’ve let the words chime
And showing you the hurt, lines I drew are now defunct, like
I’ll take away this winter if you stay and let me love blind
And let me keep the sunshine, sometime but
It can’t be easy, you’ve imprisoned yourself
And grew accustomed to perdition and consistently dwelled
On inconsistencies and critically conflicted yourself
It sounds like up until you met me you’d been living in hell
I was there too, never doubting it
I’ve walked the fiery paths and I’ve even drowned in the
River and every hour of death, but I’ll never count on it
So take my hand and trust me I’m trying to help you out of it
See, I’ve been configured to deal with this misery
Torture and rain, the winds cut through me instantly
Everything changes when she is not next to me
To my Demeter this girl is Persephone
I’ve been disfigured and triggered, won’t get at me
Captured a winter and lived in it bitterly
Everything changes when she is not next to me
To my Demeter this girl is Persephone

I’ve let emotions come down on me till my back breaks
I’ve thrown blankets of virulence on the landscape
I’ve formed winds and I’ve punished the ones that backed me
Eradicated everything, you still stood by me
You were my wall and my structure that could deliver me
Heavens when all I’m given is snippets of sullen infamy
Misery burns so vividly, blistering skin, I tick away
Minutes until freed from this prison and with Persephone
It’s funny now, I see that everything I begin
Is formed from a jealousy or bitterness within

And bottle till it bursts from the very pores of my drying skin
And bleeds until the liquid starts to alter my environment
Before her, I told you that I’m not holding back
I wrote this knowing that I’m all or nothing, so go and crack
A smile when you leave, and if you see me start to crumble that’s
Because it’s winter when you’re gone and so I wait you coming back